Facts about Red Frog Beach Environmental Efforts

First and foremost, the entire team at Red Frog Beach is absolutely committed to preserving the pristine environment and amazing community that drew us all to Bocas. We do not take what nature has bestowed to all of us, and our children, for granted. Our development plan works with the environment and community, not against it. Our commitment to our visitors, buyers, and neighbors is to deliver the most responsible resort community in all of Panama. We have made, and will continue to make, considerable investments in the environment and community to sustain, and even improve, its existing condition.

To that regard, we have specifically planned for the vast majority of all homes and condos to be built on Existing pasture land or in former Teak plantations, meaning on land that was previously deforested before we acquired it. Therefore, the natural jungle will be left virtually untouched and preserved for the future. Our plans call for massive reforestation efforts in these pasture and plantation areas to restore them to their natural beauty.

We have invested many hundreds of thousands of dollars in Environmental Impact Studies and have hired one of the most well respected environmental assessment companies in Panama, INGEMAR, with over twelve years of experience and a well established reputation for their cautious approach to environmental matters. INGEMAR produced our Environmental Impact Study for phases 1, 2, and 3 of the project, approved by Resolution IA-069-04 of 2 December 2004 and is currently in the process to culminate the second environmental impact study for the remaining phases of the project. .eir many expert scientists have worked over the last several years to make sure our development plan works within the strict guidelines set forth by Panama’s environmental authority, ANAM.

In fact, WE are setting the standard for Island development in Panama by:
  • Maintaining preserves that will never be altered of over 70% of our entire property.
  • Maintaining an onsite team of environmental scientists and conservation management specialists.
  • Maintain an environmental mitigation team of over 20 people to implement measures required under our EIS management plan and recommendations from conservation manager.
  • Reforesting over 100 acres of previously decimated rainforest with over 10,000 trees
  • Creating widespread “safe zones” for the red frogs
  • Incorporating strict preservation efforts to protect the frogs during construction
  • Maintaining set backs of at least 150' from the beach to preserve the pristine beach setting for most buildings.
  • Utilizing electric golf carts and keeping all roads to less than 18' to preserve rainforest
  • Creating a turtle nesting zone to protect turtles during nesting season
  • Creating walking trails within preserve for environmental education
  • Creating a museum to highlight archeological findings on Isla Bastimentos
  • Creating a trash removal system for the entire town of Bastimentos with over 500 villagers
  • Using the highest tech sewer treatment systems that are 4 times more strict than normal US standards
  • Using low noise power augmented with the renewable energy of solar power
  • Will be employing over 1,200 local people once Resort is in place with all types of jobs
  • Training all local employees on new resort management standards and construction practices
Created Red Frog Foundation with its Mission:

To work with the local community of Isla Bastimentos and Bocas Del Toro, including governmental leaders, residents, and expatriates to improve and sustain the delicate eco-system to enhance the quality of living for the local community on Isla Bastimentos.

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